All the Lectures of Multimedia Systems & Design

  • Lecturer:   Ms. Naveen Issani
  • Subject Title:   Multimedia Systems & Design
  • Code:   ITC-503

  • Class No:   1
    Date:   24/05/2013

    What is Multimedia? Multi means Many. Media means Transmission Channels. Multimedia is any combination of audio, video, text, graphics, animation deliverd to you by computer another electronic mean. History of Multimedia? - In 1965 Multimedia was used for describe exploding plastic invetible a performance that combine live rock, music, expermental, lighting cenima, presentation, & performance art. - In 1970's the term was used to describe presentation consisting of multi projects, slide show. - In 1970's it look on its current meaning which were called multimedia because dny coprate CD Room device which allowed for the deliverd of several hundred megabyte of audio, video, and pictures. Interactive Multimedia: When you allow in an user the viewer of a multimedia project to countrol what and when the element are deliver that is called multimedia. Hyper Media: When you provide structured of linked element to wish the user can navigate (jumping), interactive multimedia becomes Hyper Media.

    Class No:   2
    Date:   30/05/2013

    Categories of Multimedia: Linear Multimedia(Continouse , Cenima , TV) Non-Linear Multimedia (Countrol, Edit) Linear Multimedia: Progress without any jumping nivgational, countrol for the visual such as cenima, presentation, TV Show, and etc. Non- Linear Multimedia: It is capable of Jumping from one point within a presentation to another point. Editing- Jumping (1) Multimedia-Terms (2) Multimedia-Developer (3) Multimedia-Project (4) Multimedia-Title Examples of MM: Cartons, Videos, games, www, video conference, home, shop etc. Characteristics of Multimedia: (1) Multimedia use multiple media cenima, => images: captured by mobile. => Graphics: handwriting , Drawing, handwork. => Sound: Video, Audio. => Movies: Combination all of above. (2) Multimedia un-Liniarity: we change- editing, in un-liniarity. (3) Multimedia system must be computer countrol. (4) Multimedia system are integrated. (to join) (5) Multimedai Digital: Presentation, must be digital system in MM. (1) Multimedia Developer: The People who Developed, Multimedai in meaningfull position known as Multimedi developer. (2) Multimedai Project: Task, the software , the message and the contents, presentation on the computer. (3) Multimedai Title: If the project will be shifted are sold to a consumer that will be known by title, Consumer: To purchased from the company. Customers: To purchased things for personal use.

    Class No:   3
    Date:   31/05/2013

    Components of Multimedia: Hardware & Software => RAM- Configuration of Multimedia requires 32 MB, 64 MB, (64 MB) 256 MB. => Multimedia Capture Devices: Save images individually for exampel , video, camera, video recordwer, audio microphone, keyboard. => Multimedia Storage Devices: Hard Disk, CD-Rom, DVD (Provide 72 pixel also inverted 72 pixel per horizontal at time) => Multimedia use communication Network: Internet. => Multimedia Computer systems use (develop) desktop machine. => Multimedai display devises are CD , quality, monitor, color, printer, projector.